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Lyman Gilmore

Middle School
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Teacher Who Makes a Difference - 2019

Teacher Who Makes a Difference 2019

Teacher Who Makes a Difference 2019

Janet Tawni, Eric 2019 TWMAD
This year, the Lyman Gilmore Teacher Who Makes a Difference is Tawni Frazier. Tawni is tasked with working with our most challenging students, providing them with rich instruction and social-emotional support and training. Each year she steps up to be part of all activities on campus including traveling with our 6th grade students to science camp to ensure that our special education population is supported in experiencing outdoor education.Tawni is thoughtful and thorough when developing IEP goals, and works in conjunction with most of the staff to create plans and systems to support all of our students. She is a prime example of an educator who recognizes the challenges students currently face and strives to design equitable access to all. Lyman Gilmore Middle School is a better place because of Tawni and she exemplifies everything that it means to be a Bomber.