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Lyman Gilmore

Middle School
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Mr. Fredrickson, Mr. Duffey and Mr. Roberts

Mr. Duffey Co-Administrator

     Mr. Duffey is a man with incredible integrity and professionalism. He’s selfless. Mr. Duffey is always putting others needs ahead of his own. It’s not uncommon to see him picking up trash as he walks across campus, assisting the custodians with wiping down tables, covering a class for a teacher who had to leave suddenly, or pitching in to help with answering phones in the office. Mr. Duffey only knows one speed…100 miles per hour! His follow- through is unparalleled. If given a task, regardless of the time frame and how long he has to complete it, he gets it done. I have NEVER heard him complain…about anything! He takes direction and takes on challenges and does it all with a “yes!” and a smile. 

   Mr. Duffey oversees the discipline at Lyman Gilmore. In his tenure as assistant principal, suspensions and referrals have decreased dramatically. His ability to connect with students in a positive way while still maintain accountability and discipline is incredible. Mr. Duffey expects the most from the students at Lyman Gilmore and they know it. He has a calming but powerful presence as he walks the campus. Students respond positively and respectfully when they address him. It’s wonderful to see how noticeably the culture has changed in the time that Mr. Duffey has been at the school.

     Along with the extraordinary amount of work, that being a middle school administrator brings, Trent also serves as the Grass Valley School District safety coordinator. Mr. Duffey coordinates district personnel, along with county emergency first responders, to create a safe learning/working environment for all. Staff and students alike have commented on how safe they feel at school. A ringing endorsement!