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Lyman Gilmore

Middle School
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Mile Day 2017

2nd Annual Mile Day

April 5 was our physical fitness mile day, everyone came dressed to run! This is what the PE classes have been getting ready for all year, so everyone came out and did their best on the test!

Synergy Race Timing, a timing company out of Sacramento,  came to time the mile during our physical fitness timing test. We were really excited that they partnered with us, because it gave the mile an “event” feel, motivating our students to push themselves and do their best.  Each student wore a provided race bib with a transmitter in it to give accurate timing.  They brought an inflatable finish-line arch, and everything else you would see at a 5 or 10k race.   


The students ran by grade level, which we believe increased the event feel and challenged the students to compete against each other, thus pushing them even further.