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Lyman Gilmore

Middle School
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2016 Spelling Tournament

A big congratulations is in order for Gilmore Bombers who participated in the Nevada County Spelling Tournament.  The tournament took place at the Miner's Foundry in Nevada City.  The 5/6 grade team consisted of 5th graders Isaac Massam, Grayson Allen-Shively, and Noah Cotter, the 6th graders were McKinley Nguyen and Roy Rhoades. The 7/8 grade team consisted of 8th Graders Marley Porter and Aidan Wahl who were joined by 7th Graders Laila Ghosheh, Bekah Callahan, and Ellery Beaudette.  
The 5/6 grade team Bombers finished a solid fourth out of twelve teams, holding their own with the county's best spellers throughout the team portion of the tournament.  Fifth grader Isaac Massam reached the semi-finals of the individual portion of the tournament after scoring a perfect 24 out of 24 during the team portion of the tournament.  
Our 7th and 8th grade Bomber Spelling Squad fought hard and finished fourth overall at the Nevada County Spelling Tournament as well.  Laila Ghosheh was one of 13 students in the county who turned in a perfect score in the team competition 24 for 24, and made the stage for the semi-finals.  Laila ultimately finished fifth overall after tying for third place and participating in a high stakes spell-off. 
The spelling stalwarts showed great school spirit throughout the event. All team members represented their school respectfully and responsibly throughout the tournament.  If you see the team members around campus give them a big shout out for their solid performance!
Way to go Bombers!