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Lyman Gilmore

Middle School
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Spelling Tournament

      Congratulations to the Lyman Gilmore 5th and 6th grade Spelling Team for taking home the Nevada County Spelling Tournament Team Championship on November 3rd in impressive fashion.  Our team of five students spelled 115 out of 120 words correctly, and lapped the competition to win by 8 points overall. 
     A big shout out to 5th grader Roxy P. who spelled every word in the team competition correctly for a perfect score of 24 correct.  She went on to the finals and finished 3rd overall in the county, only missing a chance to represent Nevada County in the California State Spelling Bee by one word!!! 
      An awesome job to the rest of our Bomber teammates: Patience M., Laila G., Ellery B., and McKinley N., who all missed only one or two words in the team competition. 
      Congrats to the 7th and 8th grade LGMS Spelling Team of Alma R., Colby L., Bryce N., Aidan Q., and Aubrey P. for their solid showing at yesterday's Nevada County Spelling Tournament! They finished 4th in Nevada County, and did a fantastic job representing our school at the tournament.
     Bryce missed only two-words in the team portion of the tournament, and Aidan and Aubrey missed only three words. Bryce missed being in the run-off for the championship by one-word, and all participants rocked the house! Great Job!
Great work!