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Mr. Patrick Brose 

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The Lyman Gilmore Middle School motto harkens back to the school’s namesake, Lyman Gilmore, Jr., an aviation pioneer who claimed he achieved “powered free flight” prior to the Wright brothers. His airfield, site of the first commercial airport west of the Mississippi, is now home to the campus of Lyman Gilmore Middle School. Built in 1968, Gilmore serves over 500 students from over 72 square miles.
Our motto captures not only the spirit and inspiration of our namesake, it also describes our mission – preparing young adolescents for their future. Educators at Gilmore take this unique stage of human development into account as we prepare our students to “take off” for successful horizons.

From our extensive model technology program, to the widest array of middle grade elective courses offered in Nevada County, to the effective variety of specialized programs to meet the unique needs of individual students, we strive to help students realize the future of their choice. Gilmore graduates fill the ranks of student government, performing arts groups, athletic teams, and honors/AP courses at our local high school and move on to such places as MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Princeton. Many also stay to make homes in our beautiful area, and we are pleased to see so many alumni return as parents of new students.

Lyman Gilmore prides itself on meeting the needs of the “whole child” and providing a well-rounded, balanced education. Every weekday morning, different clubs and activities (Gilmore News Network, Leadership Club, Math Club, and various sports teams to name a few) meet before school. Everyday after school, a host of other activities takes place, (including our free after-school program) providing students an opportunity to explore and grow in a safe, stimulating environment. Equal pride is also taken in student academic growth. API scores have climbed 100 points in the last five years (currently 778).

Like its students, Lyman Gilmore as an institution is continually challenged to learn and to grow, to be part of creating a future that is inspiring and hopeful. Lyman Gilmore, Jr. was part of creating a future of possibilities that few could even dream. The school that bears his name is pleased to carry on that legacy.