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Lyman Gilmore

Middle School
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Dave Lawell - Head Coach
Do you have enough guts to wrestle?!?!

Do you have enough guts to wrestle?!?!

"Come and be part of the fun! Join Lyman Gilmore wrestling. Everyone is welcome. Never tried it? Don't worry we will teach you everything you need to know to be more athletic, a valuable team member, and a successful individual."

Practices will start at 3:45 and end at 5:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, unless there is a school holiday. We will begin on November 16th and plan on concluding the season on February 11th.
What will I need to wrestle?

What will I need to wrestle?

  • Wrestling Shoes - Wrestling sholes are the only tyle of shoe that is permitted on the wrestling mats. They can be found locally at Big 5 or through maybe online outlets.
  • Wrestling Shorts - Wrestling shorts can be be any athletic short that is free of of zippers, rivets, or snaps. They should be comfortable and allow for movement.
  • Wrestling Shirt - a t-shirt that is washed on a regular basis is perfect fro wrestling. A long sleeved shirt or hoodie is also helpful when warming up. The majority of female wrestlers also wear a compression shirt under their t-shirt.
  • Water Bottle - Any non-glass water bottle with a sealing lid will be appropriate.