Children's Mental Health Services

Children's Behavioral Health is located at the Brighton Greens Resource Center Phone (530) 470-2736.
For questions or information regarding Presumptive Transfer, please email the Behavioral Health Department.


Our goal at Children's Behavioral Health is to keep children healthy, happy, in their homes safely, succeeding at school and out of trouble. 

Informational materials on this website are also available in printed format by emailing or calling
(530) 265-1437.

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We treat children who have a serious mental illness, could be using drugs or alcohol, children involved with the Courts, Probation, Child Protective Services and who struggle to learn because of emotional difficulties.

Treatment is provided at the Nevada County Behavioral Health Children's System of Care Office, schools, the Family Resource Centers, and/or other places that are convenient for the family. Therapy is provided in English and Spanish.

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