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Cross Country

Coach Dixon
Coach Johnson
530.273.6472 Scotten School

Cross Country Practice and Meets
Practice starts on August 27
Practices will be held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45 - 8:30.
Meet times and dates will be posted soon.
 As a reminder, we will be running 1-3 miles at each practice, and your runner will be VERY hungry by 9:00 am. Please try and provide your runner a BIG snack!

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  1. A water bottle is mandatory - no water bottle, no running, no exceptions
  2. Running shoes and a change of shoes and socks - our feet get wet, dirty & stinky.
  3. Shorts - really, running in pants is not fun, and not acceptable
  4. A light t-shirt or tank top - in a few weeks you might need a long sleeve shirt for the cool mornings.
  5. A great attitude with a willingness to run hard and have fun!
**We will drop off backpacks in room A-4 at Scotten, and then meet on the Gilmore field for practice, each day. We do most of our running on the trails behind LG and Scotten, with an occasional outing into Condon Park and the surrounding areas.

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All races that are away, will require you, the parent/guardian to drive your runner both to and from the race. Bussing is not an option for us. In all cases, except for the Empire Mine race, your student only needs to get out of school 15-20 minutes early (4 graders only). All 5th-8th, do not need to be taken out of school early. There will be enough time to arrive at the races, warm up and run.

The way all races work, 4th grade girls run first, then 4th grade boys, 5th grade girls, 5th grade boys, 6th grade girls, 6th grade boys, 7th grade boys and girls then 8th grade boys and girls.

Coach Dixon will send home directions and any important information the week prior to the races.

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